What is Dog Fear Aggression? And How to Deal with it

Dog fear aggression is the result of the dog’s fear.

Similar to people, dogs can become phobic of certain things.

This is often the case with dogs that have experienced a history of abuse or neglect.

But just like humans, any dog can develop phobias. These fears can often be irrational but may run deep.

It can take a great deal of effort to completely dismiss these fears.

In many cases of aggression, the dog or human is not directly threatening the dog and instead is just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This can lead to the dog being aggressive towards other dogs or humans and in many cases, the dog may be put down as a result.

Many dogs are put down annually due to aggression.

Finding the root of the problem is the first step in dealing with aggressive behavior.

It can often be identified by the individual or owner’s own fear.

The next step is to address the fear and the root of the problem.

Seeking help from a professional who deals with aggression could be of great help.

The fear of many animals is caused by the experience of their previous owner or caretaker.

To overcome the fear, you must first identify the cause and address the cause.

A technique that will help in this regard is; by praising and petting the animal.

You may also need to muzzle the animal to prevent it from biting, such as with loud noises.

Gradually expose the fear by increasing the exposure to the fear causing agent.

A lot of times when people deal with aggressive dogs, they resort to punishment.

This is not the answer and can even make the dog more aggressive.

The best thing to do is to work with the dog to find the root of the fear and eliminate all aggressive behavior.

This could even mean psychotherapy is required to unlearn these behaviors and misconceptions learnt in earlier times.

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