5 Reasons Why Your Dog Whine

In this article I’ll explain, why is it that your dog whines all the time.

There are mainly five reasons why your dogs whine.

1, Stress or Anxiety.

This is very common in dogs who are stressed and have anxiety, and they whine to let you know that there are stressed up.

The reasons that a dog can become stress or have anxiety has to do with many things.

Something in their lives may be unbalanced.

Some changes have happened in their lives or your life.

Another animal, another dog or another person is causing your dog to be stressed, and also, it’s the first signal kind of that they give before they start barking or growling or misbehaving.

So, this is very common in dogs if dogs are not getting their 5 essential needs and what are those five essentials?

2, Second reason why dogs whine is because of excitement.

They’re, probably happy so they’re whining, for instance, when you come home, they get happy and they want when you’re getting ready to go to the park or they see you getting ready to go to park, they start whining.

They can’t wait for something, let’s say: you’re preparing their dinner or their treat or while they’re waiting for the reward or whatever is coming. In this part, whining little bit is okay as long as it’s controlled and is manager, and it’s for a short time number.

3, The third reason why dogs whine is because they want attention.

They want physical and mental attention. Probably they are asking, for example, a puppy would whine maybe wants to go out a dog made mine well because they have to go and they asking you to give attention to them and let them out or they want to play with you.

So, it’s kind of a conversation that they’re, having with you, they’re, giving the signal in this part. So physically they are desperate.

They have to go, for example, to the bathroom, or they want to play or emotionally they’re asking you to do something or they want to get something, but be careful not to respond to their emotional whining all the time.

Because what happens then is, they’re training you to respond to their whining and that causes your dog to learn that they can whine all the time and they get what they want.

4, The fourth reasons why dogs whine is because they have pain of some form.

This pain may be physical or mental or emotional pain in their system.

Anything can cause a dog to become injured and have pain. So, you want to be kind of aware of what is happening with your dog.

So, the way you’re going to manage and prevent your dog to have physical pain is checking your dog every day and if something has gone wrong, then you’re familiar with that body – and you know if that pain is physical or mental.

Younger dogs and older dogs tend to get injured easily, so pay attention to them.

5, The Fifth reason why dogs whine is because of a learned behavior.

A dog probably has learned that if I whine I get what I want.

Sometimes, what happens is when they whine, we pick them up, they go for a walk and you give treats or food to your dog.

So, the dog learns that if it gives this whining signal my human (owner) is going to give back to me, and he is going to do exactly what I ask, so it becomes a learned behavior.

So those are the five reasons why your dog may be whining.

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By the way, let me know in the comment area, why is it that you think may be other reasons why your dog whines?

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